Guest Artists

nadishana (multi-instrumentalist)

Richard invited Nadishana (Siberia) to record tracks on the 2013 album ‘Hokulea‘. He is one of the world’s finest ethnic fusion artists and can be heard on his own project The Nadishana Trio. He performs masterfully on various woodwinds and percussion..

Sonu Kakkar (vocals)

Sonu (Mumbai, India) was invited to Sandeep Chowta‘s studio during the Aomusic Mumbai sessions in 2004. She is featured singing solo on the verses of ‘Obayo’ from the 2009 song collection ‘Twirl’.


Ashwin Srinivasan (Indian flutes)

Ashwin (Mumbai, India) is one of India’s legendary instrumentalists. He is featured in the songs, ‘Gaiya Lo Mane’ and ‘Shen Deni’ from our “…and Love Rages On!” album. We’ll be doing a lot of tracks with Ashwin.


Michael “Piper” Cooney (Irish pipes and whistles)

Mike (Tipperary, Ireland) has been winning national piper championships in Ireland since he was a boy. He is featured in songs ‘Ena Na Lena’ from our “…and Love Rages On!” album. In Richard words; “Nowhere have I found a more gracious and gifted artist”.


Susan Craig Winsberg (flutes)

Susan (Los Angeles, CA) is a classically trained session musician on the US west coast, and is featured in “Little Dove’s Reel” from our 2000 debut album, “Grow Wild”. She also performs locally as her own Celtic ensemble.


Peter Mayer (acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

Peter (Nashville, TN) is an extraordinary artist and prolific song-writer. He tours his own project and is Jimmy Buffett‘s guitar player. Peter is featured in the songs ‘Chameleon Makebelieve’ and ‘Those Eyes’ from our ‘Grow Wild’ album.


Kimba Arem (didgeridoo)

Kimba (Boulder, CO) tours internationally and uses her talent as a means to transform and heal. She is featured in the songs ‘Tayeh Kayoh’ and ‘Yei Ha’ from the 2009 ‘Twirl’ album, and ‘Ene Na Lena’ from our 2011 “…and Love Rages On!” album.


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